Lumines Puzzles and Music Neo Released on Android

Lumines is one of those classic puzzle games that you probably will have trouble putting down.  It is also a newer puzzle game, having launched on the Playstation Portable (PSP) years ago and continuing to infect gamers minds since.  The game play is simple, this is something that the successful puzzle games have in common- simplicity.  While just a mere two weeks ago mobcast released Lumines Puzzles and Music, they have just released a new version adding the word “neo” to the end.  The question is, what is different between the two versions?

Nothing.  Well, outside of Lumines Puzzles and Music being a paid up front app, Neo is a free to play version.  Lumines Puzzles and Music Neo does feature a single In App Purchase- to get rid of the advertising featured in the game.  Yep, Neo is free to download and play but contains ads.  Don’t like them then take advantage of the In App Purchase to remove them.

Some changes that Lumines Puzzles and Music, and Neo, brings to the table include better music and improved graphics over the Playstation Portable version.  You lose the wide screen angles but well, you get improved graphics and music.  Worth the trade off right?

The point of Lumines is to get sets of sets of the colored objects into squares or rectangles.  When this happens, there is a little line that floats by that eliminates them awarding you points and the other blocks fall, hopefully creating more rectangles and squares.  The blocks fall from the top of the screen in sets of four in a square shape that features a combination of the colored pieces for the level.

Lumines Puzzles and Music Neo by mobcast
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: Android (limited release) soon to be on iPhone
In App Purchases: Yes, to remove ads
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play
Available now in limited release on Google Play

Carl Williams

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