Lucky’s Tale to be Free with Oculus Rift

While we wait for the Oculus Rift to finally be made available for purchase, they are adding more reason to get excited.  Lucky’s Tale is the second game to be announced that will come with the Oculus Rift later this year.  The first title was Eve: Valkyrie, think Freespace with head based camera looking around.  Lucky’s Tale resembles the classic “pack-in” title that old school fans will remember from the 16-Bit era of gaming.  Much closer to Super Mario 64 than Super Mario World, Lucky’s Tale is visually impressive to say the least. 

The Oculus Rift will allow for, again, head mounted/based looking around the game world in Lucky’s Tale.  We have not been privy to how the controls will work yet.  Based on the gameplay video that has been made available Lucky moves rather fluently through the level.  Graphically things are cartoon looking, clean and family friendly looking.  There are even a few nods to Nintendo’s titles and others in the demo reel so far.  Maybe we will see some homage levels also?  How cool would it be to get something like the “lobby” from the castle of Super Mario 64 (Retro Gaming Mag coverage)?  Or have a blue streak fly by every once in a while in the more expansive levels.  They could have some fun with this, I hope they do.

Over the years though, I have learned to not trust these demo reels as they are usually heavily crafted affairs.  Designed to hide problems or inadequacies in the gameplay, something that jumps right at you when you play for the first time.  Who remembers the demo reels for Super Mario 64?  They made it look amazing to use that 3D thumb stick- not so much, nor easy, when it was normal gamers playing.  Just saying be careful here folks and reign back much excitement till you have it in your hands, er on your head.

We will keep you posted on Lucky’s Tale as we know more about it.

Carl Williams

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