Love Rocks starring Shakira Review for Android

When I first saw Love Rocks starring Shakira, I was thinking this was going to be a trivial “puzzle” game that was not all that fun or interesting.  After playing it for about a week, I can safely say, it is quite a bit of fun and the challenge level is just about right.  First of all, whether you can stand Shakira, or her music, or not- neither are featured in Love Rocks in any significant manner.  Rather, the actual game is allowed to take center stage after using her name recognition to garner a few more downloads.  Fans of Shakira’s music will get a surprise once they beat level 12 though.  That is fine with me.

Anyone that remembers the “puzzle” levels in classic titles will be familiar with the whole idea behind Love Rocks starring Shakira.  You are presented with a series of boxes on the screen (mainly for manipulation purposes) and a simple challenge.  Some levels require you to score a certain amount of points, others require you to break mirrors on the playfield, some may require you do both.  That is about it for the idea behind the game.

The challenge comes in the fact that you are only given so many moves to complete these tasks.  Each move gives you three, randomly selected, rocks to drop into the playfield to accomplish your goal.  There will be plenty of repeating some levels till you simply get lucky and get the right combination of rocks.  That can sometimes feel cheap but it doesn’t happen all that often.

Beating level 12, till October 28th 2015, earns you a free download of Shakira’s “She Wolf” album.

Between levels you are greeted with a 2.5D overhead view of the level you are on (Barcelona being the first).  This is a cool effect, one that I loved back in the early days of 32-Bit gaming and always wondered why it didn’t catch on more.  It is just an effect, it doesn’t do anything to your game- it is the level select screen after all.  Here you are able to go back and replay levels that you may not have gotten three diamonds on (Angry Birds scoring, anyone?).

The number of diamonds you collect add up and at certain amounts you get bonus item packs (upper left of the screen shows the requirements).  This gives incentive to collect three diamonds on every level whenever possible.  Rovio are definitely skilled at keeping people coming back to replay earlier levels.

Love Rocks starring Shakira by Rovio
Platform: Android (reviewed) and iOS
Genre: Puzzle
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play and 4+ on iTunes
Available on Google Play and the iTunes App Store

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