Live Your Apocalypse Movie Dream in Please Don’t Touch Anything for Android

Everyone has probably had that dream when watching one of those end of the world movies where it comes down to a protagonist and one option to either end the suffering or keep fighting.  Usually signified by the big red button somewhere in the movie.   Well, now gamers can live that dream in Please, Don’t Touch Anything, available now for Android devices (tablets are recommended).  Please, Don’t Touch Anything starts normal, you are just substituting watching over the “end of the world” red button on the console in front of you.  Sounds simple but keep in mind, your friend must have bowel problems because he is going to be gone for a long time.

Please, Don’t Touch Anything is all about touching that red button, once you do there are 25 puzzles to solve.  Each puzzle when solved has a different outcome- all played out on the monitor in front of you- either good or bad.  Different actions on the panel bring up different input options from keypads to switches.  Don’t worry, Bulkypix has not left you as high and dry as your co-worker has, there are clues on the screen giving hints as to when to push what.

There are small achievements to show off once you complete certain tasks.  These are displayed as little stickers on your console, worn like a badge of honor that you don’t follow the rules.  Please, Don’t Touch Anything is not a super cheap game, it is outside of the “impulse” buy for mobile games, has a unique premise and is probably best suited for tablet owners.  It remains to be seen how all of that adds up with the sales for Please, Don’t Touch Anything.

Please, Don’t Touch Anything by Bulkypix
Platform: Android
Genre: Puzzle
In App Purchases: None
Rated: T for Teen
Available now on Google Play

Carl Williams

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