Little King’s Story on PC is a Porting Disaster!

The Wii era was a strange time in Nintendo. Plenty of third-party developers were lining up to create games for the console aptly described as two GameCube taped together. A lot of these games were referred to as shovelware by gamers as they were often of very poor quality. Yet, Nintendo managed to secure some amazing titles for the Wii a little console that could (and did). One such title was Little King’s Story which was released in 2009 and developed by independent developers at Cing. Critically acclaimed and beloved by those who played it, Little King Story was an adorable tale.

Little King’s Story tells the tale of Corobo a child who becomes king by finding a crown inside a boulder. This crown allows anyone who wears it to exert mind control over people, and by utilizing its dark powers Corobo becomes the ruler of his country. Not satisfied with ruling a single part of country (Alpoko), Corobo sets out to conquer the neighboring kingdoms. But, the king is not an evil despot (in-spite of his mind control crown). He is a kind king who wishes to make his subjects happy. The king can do various side-quests, missions, and even manage the land to create buildings for his people’s happiness. After all, a good king always does his best for the people. However, while the aforementioned make the game sound like a role-playing game, Little King’s Story is in fact a real-time strategy game.

The easiest game to compare Little King’s Story would be Pikmin, where you control an army of deadly plants while controlling a rather weak “control” unit. Corobo is very fragile and has a single weak attack; his best chance at survival involves using his subjects. This means for the majority of the game Corobo will be sitting back watching the action. The game has multiple types of units at his disposal and some of them are more effective at combat than others. A mix of these will be useful in other to handle every different situation which presents itself.

This is important because all of the bosses in this game have some unexpected mechanics in their fights. I presume all of this is justified by the fact that the king is merely a child. However, while Corobo might be a kid this does not stop him from getting married to an eligible bachelorette. Yes, you read that correctly Corobo can get married in Little King’s Story (the royal bedchambers must get very lonely). To one of the eight available marriage candidates and doing so is a requirement for the ending. Little King’s Story has a very strange ending. But, I think it is one of the coolest (read weirdest) endings in any game before it. While I’m not going to spoil it for anyone here, those who have played it all the way through know what I’m talking about.

I don’t recommend buying it right now on Steam. The port on PC was a disaster with choppy framerate drops. These drops can even happen on powerful computers which makes no sense as the Wii version had none of these glitches. The keyboard controls are amazingly bad and if you choose these you’re stuck with them unless you close the game out. Even worse are the graphical glitches which can cause crashes in the program. Little King’s Story on PC is extremely poorly optimized and is currently not worth the money. I suggest waiting until they issue out patches which are in the work at this moment, but for now the king must lie in slumber.

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