Linux Makes Mainstream While Fans Don’t Notice

One thing that fans of Linux complain about is that it is not accepted as well as they would like.  This leads to lack of software, games and lack of general understanding by non-fans.  This is something I find funny about Linux though as it has far surpassed Windows and other operating systems.  It did it years ago and is showing no signs of stopping either.  How?  By using another name.

You see, Linux the name is apparently gotten a horrible name with general people.  This may be why companies that use it that have taken it mainstream do everything they can to not use the name “Linux”.  This includes avoiding the name in their marketing materials, in commercials, even in their user manuals for their products.  Linux has become like a really good public relations and advertising firm- you know the clients but not the firm behind them.

Google has taken the Android operating system to levels many though unimaginable.  I know when I first learned of Android I was less than impressed.  As the operating system matured and was built on it became more and more apparent that it was going to be awesome.  Now, Android powers tons of tablets, phones, watches, TV’s, TV boxes and more.  What may surprise you is that Android is based on the Linux operating system.

Since Linux is scalable and able to run on a wide variety of hardware it was just common sense to develop a new operating system off of it.  That is what Android is.  While Google has gone out of their way to not use the name Linux, that free operating system is under the hood in one way or another in millions of devices.

Even the iPhone, iPad and Macintosh computers running OS X are running an operating system based on the precursor to Linux- Unix.  Linux is a clone of sorts of Unix.  Both share a lot in common with each other but are not 100% compatible.

Even Microsoft is working to bring in parts of Linux to the Windows 10 operating system, though they are being coy about it.  The writing is on the wall.

Carl Williams

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