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If you are a PC gaming fan then you probably know the name Leisure Suit Larry. If you don’t then you need to brush up on your classic PC titles as the Larry series are some of the best point and click games available. Sure, they are “mature” in nature but that doesn’t mean we are talking crap like Custer’s Revenge. Everything was pretty much innuendo so it could be left in without getting an “adult” rating by most stores that carried the series (most of the releases were prior to any rating system). Now Larry has taken to the Internet and is endorsing his own casino. What is interesting about the Larry Casino is how it is different from other on-line casinos.

Leisure Suit Larry is all over the on-line casino and that is a good thing. It is not just Larry that gamers will get to interact with as other characters and games are unlocked through regular play. What Larry Casino does that is different than other casinos involve this gamification effort. There are levels to earn, games to unlock, characters to interact with and other actions that keep players connected to the game.

Recently, Larry Casino reached 50,000 members signed up to play in the casino. This is a major milestone for such a project as this. It is not clear now if they will be able to break one million members. I figure if they continue expanding the casino, aggressively market it, and can keep gamers interested and invested more than traditional casinos then they won’t have a problem reaching seven figure member numbers.

Obviously playing in an on-line casino is not something minors should do. Also, check with your local laws to verify that it is legal for you, as an adult, to play for money in an on-line casino. Better safe than sorry.

If everything is good to go on your end, hit LarryCasino.com and start playing.

Carl Williams

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