LEGO Star Wars Toys that Cost More than $1,000 on Amazon

Star Wars is popular, even during the “prequels” years.  Yeah, even then the license held a lot of clout with licensers.  There are going to be toys, games, action figures and Lego sets based on the lightsaber battles.  That is almost guaranteed.  With LEGO sets the price continues to climb with each new set that sees release.  These popular blocks were never cheap.  The sets just get a little more complex as new ones are made available.  I remember when it was amazing to get a set that had the “hood” looking piece, or hinged pieces.  Now, set builders are inundated with new, unique, pieces in nearly every set available.  Not only do these Star Wars sets have unique pieces they have quite a unique price attached also.  The cheapest one will run you about $1,000 if you “just have to have it now”.

1) #10026 Naboo Star Fighter– $1,005.00Star_Wars_Naboo_lego

The Naboo Star Fighter is one of the sets from the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series.  Weighing in at 187 pieces and about 14.4 ounces, the Naboo Star Fighter is definitely an eye catcher with bright yellow bricks, a stand and even a plaque to showcase.  No, the plaque is not made of LEGOs.

2) #10221 Super Star Destroyer – $1,029.989196DOItutL._SL1500_

Weighing in at 3,152 pieces totaling eight pounds, this thing is massive.  Nearly 50 inches long will make this one a little hard to place on a shelf but oh so worth it.

3) #7181 Tie Fighter Interceptor – $1,300Star_wars_lego

Another Ultimate Collectors Series set that weighs in at 703 pieces and about 3.3 pounds.  Features two positions on its stand.

4) #10123 Star Wars: Cloud City – $1,650.00Star_wars_cloud_city_lego

Not a ship.  That makes this one unique.  Cloud City was an iconic scene in Star Wars Empire Strikes Back.  Now you can play with it in your own living room, couple it with some of the other LEGO sets for tons of fun.  It better be entertaining at this price.

5) #7191 (Japan import) X-Wing Fighter – $2,100.00Star_wars_Tie_fighter_lego

Okay, this one comes from Japan but it still counts.  Ultimate Collectors Series piece that is full of amazing detail- just look at the picture.  Not worth over $2,000 to me but to you, it might be.

6) #10129 Rebel Snowspeeder – $2,159.99Star_wars_snowspeeder_lego

Nearly 1,500 pieces make up this set based on the Rebel Snowspeeder as seen in the Battle of Hoth in the movies.  Movable controls in the two seat cockpit and exceptional detail.  Even more unique pieces in this one.  Plaque, stand etc included.

7) #10134 YWing Attack Starfighter – $2,199.99Star_Wars_starfighter_lego

Over 1,400 pieces total this piece is one of the more “unique” pieces types.  Plaque, stand, and all of that stuff included.  Not as iconic as the others on this list but still one worth having on your shelf if you have the dough to blow.

8) #10143 Death Star II – $2,550.00Star_wars_death_star_lego

Nearly 3,500 pieces, 25 inches tall and weighing a total of a whopping 15 pounds, this thing is amazing in girth.  If friends and family don’t recognize this sitting on your shelf then you don’t need them in your life.

9) #10030 Imperial Star Destroyer – $2,779.99Star_wars_Imperial_destroyer_lego

Okay, either this or the Death Star II are the most dramatic looking LEGO pieces from the Star Wars line.  Which one is it for you?  Over 3,100 pieces, over 19 pounds and simply huge (it needs TWO stands).  Jaw dropping visually and in price.

10) #10179 Millennium Falcon – $5,999.9951sMm9o5bKL

The granddaddy piece for any hardcore Star Wars LEGO fan.  I mean, come on, who reading this is not already imagining flying this around the house?  Over 23 pounds and over 5,000 pieces means you will have to spend a lot of time building before you start flying.

Carl Williams

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