Killer Instinct Comes to Windows 10

Fighting games are not all that popular on computers.  Sure, we had a few attempts over the years.  Various Street Fighter iterations have been released, we even got a couple of Mortal Kombat releases.  If you are a fan of “alternative” fighting games then we can count MegaTech releases.  The thing with PC fighting games is that they have usually come after the hype is over for said game.  I cannot say that this is different in the case of Killer Instinct but it is a slightly different situation now than it has been in the past.  Not just for PC gamers but for gaming in general.

Sure, Killer Instinct was released on the Xbox One about three years ago, but the way this game is marketed has kept it in the interest of fans.  Unlike past releases, the days of releasing a game and being done with it till the sequel are over.  Nowadays it is commonplace to release a game like Killer Instinct and continue support for it for many years following.  This support is most commonly via new characters, new costumes, add-ons and more that were referred to as “expansion packs” in the past.  Today it is commonplace for little things to be released, trickled out to fans, rather than waiting for it to be collected then released.

Killer Instinct is a free to play.  Keep in mind you are probably going to get bored with Sabrewulf (the single free fighter) so you are going to be purchasing others rather quickly.  This release on Windows 10 computers (yes, you will HAVE to upgrade to enjoy this one on PC) allows cross play with Xbox One players (what is the first console to offer cross play PC and console?).  There are also online leaderboards, achievements, Game DVR and more niceties that make playing on Xbox Live interesting.

Head over to your Windows 10 Store to grab Killer Instinct right now.

Carl Williams

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