Keep the Scares Coming with Poltergeist Manor for Android

Okay, Halloween is now over.  The kids are back home safely after hitting the best neighborhoods for their candy.  That doesn’t mean that the scares have to stop though.  Poltergeist Manor is one of the latest horror themed titles that is made for a virtual reality headset.  The problem with these is that there are not that many gamers that have the hardware to enjoy them.  Thankfully, gamers on the cheap can enjoy Poltergeist Manor via the inexpensive Google Cardboard headset, or the updated Mattel VR View-Master.

The mansion you are entering is empty of living creatures.  It is a stormy night.  Things seem “off” in a way that you cannot put your finger on.  That is the basic atmosphere that you will face in Poltergeist Manor, and other similar titles.

What is nice about Poltergeist Manor is that there are no In App Purchases to worry about.  You pay a set price and are done.  That is cool.  The play mechanics work well with the VR idea- there is a 360 degree field of view available and high-fidelity audio that augments the events on the screen quite well.  Also, you will not have to use a controller of any kind to play Poltergeist Manor- something similar titles have yet to accomplish for some reason.

Meta 3D Studios took the basic horror tropes- a deserted mansion with no living entities around and dark colors, a rainy night and more, and made it all VR compatible.  That is the problem with these games though, that VR compatibility.  Without a VR headset of some sort you are not going to be getting all that you could out of these titles.  Keep that in mind when looking at making that purchase of a title like Poltergeist Manor.

Poltergeist Manor by Meta 3D Studios
Platform: Android
Genre: Virtual Reality Horror
Rated: E for Everyone
Available now on Google Play

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