Is Amazon Planning to Take on YouTube?

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It is interesting series of events that we are about to discuss here. The juicy part is, Amazon may be preparing to take on Google’s YouTube platform. Before you start screaming fake news faster than our president, read on to find out just how true this could be. AmazonTube could become more than just a search term on Google sooner than later.

Yep, that is the name that Amazon is currently going with for this alleged YouTube competitor. I say alleged because it is not concrete yet and it is just speculation based on the evidence available.

First up, according to Android Police, Amazon filed for the name “AmazonTube” with the United States Patent Office on December 5th, 2017. This is eerily in line with Google’s announcement that they were pulling YouTube from Amazon’s devices (Echo and Fire TV). Rather interesting timing.

Now, keep in mind, the filing is for “software for consuming video, text, data, images, visual works, etc. online and across multiple platforms.” What does that sound like to you? Yeah, me too.

What is interesting about this is that Amazon has held the domain for nearly twenty years. Don’t believe me? Check out for proof (or look below at the pic).

Also, according to Domain Name Wire (thanks Android Police) Amazon is soaking up the various “Tube” extension domains such as AlexaTube. This could just be them grabbing domains for future use or it could be them preparing for some interesting forwarding options for their own user created content streaming service like YouTube.

I mean, this could be a case of Amazon preparing to take on Google after Google pulled YouTube support from the Echo and Fire TV. Amazon has proven that they are not scared to walk their own line in the corporate world. While the phone thing didn’t work out that well for them, the other stuff they have done has been at least a moderate success for them.

Source: Android Police


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