Ironcast Coming to Nintendo Switch

Ironcast Nintendo Switch

Fans of turn based strategy games that own a Nintendo Switch have something to celebrate now. Ironcast is a turn based strategy game set in an alternate Victorian history where giant mechanized robots are the norm. What is interesting is how the puzzle elements are integrated into the turn based strategy portion.

In Ironcast you are tasked with manning a giant, seven-meter-tall, mechanized war machine in defense of Victorian England in an alternate 1880’s. Don’t take your task lightly, your enemy won’t.

Daniel Leaver, Founder & Designer at Dreadbit enthuses “I bought a Nintendo Switch at launch and I was really, REALLY excited about the concept of the console. After playing it for the first time I desperately wanted to bring Ironcast to Switch because it felt like the perfect platform for the game.”

Battles in Ironcast are carried out via the puzzle board. Here players hunt down resource nodes which are used to power various weapons and systems of your robot. Remember, these nodes are scarce and depleted quickly so choose your moves properly. Interestingly, death is permanent while rewards are persistent and no two battles are ever the same. This replayability makes Ironcast rather interesting to me. While I don’t care for the line matching, I prefer true match three game play, I can get over that and enjoy some good turn based strategy action.

Missions are randomly generated with over 50 unlockable items to collect. Enemies can even drop some seriously rare loot that makes working over the enemy, and playing Ironcast often, worth your time.

Releasing on August 10th, Ironcast will give Nintendo Switch owners a chance to control giant robots like no other game so far. This is certainly not Front Mission or Armored Core. Get ready to pony up about $12.99 for Ironcast.

Can’t wait? Grab Ironcast on Playstation 4 [Digital Code] on Amazon.

Carl Williams

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