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The Human Age by Noodlecake

Puzzle games. Ah, the good old standby that most developers, both commercially and homebrew independent types, pound into the ground. It seems since the early days of gaming puzzle games were going to be around. From Tetris to Columns to Flipull, puzzle games are staples of gaming. More recently we saw the popularity rise of another type of puzzle game: the slider. 2048 specifically pushed this style of puzzle game into the forefront. The Human Age takes the basics of 2048 and adds a lot of that trademark Noodlecake fun to create something unique.

Instead of matching numbers to create larger numbers, The Human Age has you matching heads of different generations and civilization levels from human history. Beginning with cavemen on up to vikings to kings and such, matching is required to advance and make new generations appear.

There is a little bit of a twist that we didn’t see in 2048 though. Whereas you were matching two of the same number in that numerical slider, in The Human Age, you are matching at least three heads to create the next evolutionary leap. That is what makes Noodlecake’s take on the slider puzzle so interesting.

For Humans mixes the basics of 2048 with city building, and it just works

As you progress through The Human Age, you quickly realize the need to keep the board open. Luckily, you are given a heads up on what, well, head will pop up next and where. Learning to move heads into position for the next pieces to fall into place and create matches is key to progressing. It is a simple technique, but very much required to get anywhere.

The board is often misshapen and, of course, small. This forces you to pay attention to what you have, what is coming, and the odds of getting that piece you need to complete another leap. As you progress through the stages of evolution, earlier stage heads can appear. Get to the king or Cleopatra and you face seeing not only cavemen appearing but also vikings and so on. That adds quite a bit of challenge considering the small boards you are confined to.

There are In-app Purchases (IAP) to watch for. From my experience, they are optional and not required to enjoy The Human Age. Of course, if you want an easier time, then you can drop some cash and support Noodlecake.

Frustrating and fun at the same time, and hard to put down once you dial it in. That is often the best description of Noodlecake’s releases. That applies to The Human Age too.

The Human Age by Noodlecake
Platform: Android (ZTE ZMAX 2 used for review)
Genre: 2048, puzzle, city building
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone
Available now on Google Play

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