Hulu Finally Adds Expiring Soon Notification

Who else finds it annoying as all get out when your digital media service of choice removes content without notice?  This is especially annoying when you are in the middle of a season and the contract is up so it simply disappears.  This has happened a few times, especially with movies I discover late in the availability window and more often than not, have to watch in multiple sittings.  It sucks to think I will be able to finish a show or movie this weekend only to find it disappeared before then due to contracts expiring.  Thankfully, Hulu is finally adding a notice on their service alerting viewers to shows that will be leaving soon.  This new alert comes with some other updates but this is the one that got me excited.

Along with the nice feature of letting viewers know a show or movie is about to leave, Hulu has also added a new “The Watch List”, clever name there guys.  This is pretty much what other services have offered for years- a list of content you may find interesting.  This list is based on content you have watched prior.  Netflix mixes it in with the rest of their content catalog, sometimes at the end of a show/movie.

The interesting thing about The Watch List is that Hulu includes movie clips that you have previously watched, but not finished.  This is nice as it can sometimes be more annoying than it is worth to go through and find the one you wanted.

The Watch List automatically includes series that you have been watching- including the next consecutive episode for your convenience.  Again, a nice touch, but one that other services have had for years.  Still, it is nice to see it here on Hulu, finally.

All in all, these updates to Hulu are great and very much-needed.  Now if only Hulu can do something about those short release windows.  They advertise their service as “pay and watch full seasons of your favorite shows” yet when you do pay, you only get the last five episodes of a series (sucks when the series is new and is on episode 6+).

Head over to Hulu and enjoy.

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Carl Williams

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