HBO Go App Finally Catches Up to Netflix with Features


If you are an HBO Go user then you probably realize that the app kind of sucks. The app is behind the times on many levels and for what seemed like an eternity, HBO was in no hurry to fix things. Until now.

Well, with the latest update, HBO Go can claim they have caught up with other video consumption services such as Netflix. Sort of. Things are not quite on a level playing field yet as HBO Go has some more steps to take. At least these updates effect both the cell/tablet and Android TV version of HBO Go.

This update includes:

Picking up a series where you left off
Binge mode that automatically loads the next episode in the series
Better series landing page (cell/tablet version only)
Various bug fixes (not clarified)

These updates bring HBO Go closer to Netflix at least regarding binge watching a series. I am amazed that binge mode was not already an option – it seems like that would have been standard in apps like this by now.

Grab HBO Go on Google Play here and the Android TV version here.

Carl Williams

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