Guardians Answers Avengers Challenge from Russia

When you think action film with special effects out the wazoo and interesting characters, do you think of Russia?  You may after you see the updated trailer for Guardians, a movie that many are calling Russia’s answer to the Avengers franchise.  I mean, the Avengers don’t have a humanoid bear in their ranks.  Guardians does.

Guardians is set during the cold war (quite an open time frame there) and secret testing is going on ala what Hitler might have tried if he knew about the Avengers or the Marvel universe in general.  “Patriot” a secret clandestine group is augmenting the DNA of certain members of the Russian populace.  Of course this is not going to end well for them as it ALWAYS turns out bad for the scientists doing the experimenting.

The idea behind Guardians is that Russia is under attack and these genetically modified humans enter the fray.  I mean, that is just what genetically modified humans do, right?  Stand up for their home country and defending those that shunned them against an outside enemy.  Hey, after seeing the trailer, I don’t care, Guardians looks awesome.

Since superhero movies are all the rage, at least ones that involve Marvel characters, it was just a matter of time before Russia got involved.  Actually, we saw a shorter trailer a few years ago and now we see more of the rest of the team this dual blade wielding bad ass is a member of.  What a team it is.  They have the basics covered and they even managed to get a freaking humanoid bear thing in there.  X-Men never managed that.

Guardians is due in February 2017 in Russian theaters and there is, sadly, no mention of any release in the United States for this movie.  That is a shame.  Seriously.  Someone license this, subtitle it and bring it over.

Carl Williams

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