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Digital gaming is something that gamers are not going to get away from anytime soon. If ever. At least companies that manage these digital gaming stores are making attempts to work together. Green Man Gaming, one of the leading digital stores, has just partnered with Ubisoft, owners of the Uplay Platform.

“We are constantly looking to improve the experience of buying games for our customers. We know that the priority for any gamer is to be able to get to the game as quickly as possible without having to spend their time dealing with copying and pasting key codes, launching multiple clients and logging in to a bunch of different services,” said Paul Sulyok, CEO and Founder of Green Man Gaming.

“We are always looking for new methods that allow our customers to purchase and play their games as quickly as possibly. Green Man Gaming’s integration with the Uplay platform simplifies the redemption process giving gamers a fast, reliable and secure way to activate their Ubisoft games direct from Green Man Gaming.”

This partnership will simplify the process of redeeming Ubisoft games purchased via Green Man Gaming. There is an unmentioned benefit here that, well, needs mentioning.

Under the new partnership, at no time will your Uplay key code be vulnerable as it will be continuously kept secure throughout the process. Uplay will automatically add your purchase from Green Man Gaming without any more effort from you.

This is great news for gamers that are tired of loading up multiple game clients, copying the CD key from Green Man Gaming only to wait for the Uplay client to load so they can paste it in Ubisoft’s store to redeem. That process is automatic now thanks to this partnership.

While it doesn’t seem like the time savings is all that big, and it is not really, the security options are what is important here. The few clicks saved is a bonus.

Source: PR Newswire

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