Gram Games Released Reverse Tetris Game Called Six! On iPhone and iPad

When you see Tetris pieces you probably think, great another falling block game.  Well, Six! is different.  Gram Games have taken what is now quite an old, and for many tired, genre and turned things around on us.  While there are Tetris pieces on the screen, what you are doing with them is unique and interesting.

The idea behind Six! is that you are removing the Tetris blocks to drop the item on top down as low as possible.  Think of this as all of those Tetris towers you left in the well when playing that classic.  They are all stacked up and ready to make your life a living hell in an all new and frustrating way.

The hexagon on top must stay there or you lose.  The goal is to get as low down the tower as possible.  This is accomplished by tapping the blocks as you go.  Tap blocks out of place and let the hexagon roll off and it is game over.  Sounds simple but I can almost guarantee there are going to be more than a few airborne iPhones and iPads out of rage on this one.  This style of puzzle game just pulls at those urges in most gamers.

There is a single In App Purchase to be concerned with. That is to remove advertising from your experience.  There are no purchases for extra lives, specials or anything like that.  I have to respect developers for just offering understandable In App Purchases.  Thank you Gram Games.

Come on Gram Games, release this one on Android too- there are plenty of gamers that would love to give this one a run around, myself included.

Six! by Gram Games
Genre: Puzzle, reverse Tetris
Platform: iPhone and iPad
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: 4+ on iTunes
Available now on the iTunes App Store

Carl Williams

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