Google Unveils Youtube TV

For a long time now we have heard rumors that Google would throw their hat in the streaming television world. Well, those rumors are now put to rest as we know their plans. It is apparent that Google is now tying television programming in with their Youtube service. That is not all fans are getting. Google is bundling some interesting options in with Youtube TV.

First, the main point of Youtube TV is the television service. There are over 40 channels included in Youtube TV subscriptions. Those subscriptions run $35 per month. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Well, as with most television subscriptions, the value is in the actual channels available. This is where Youtube TV falters. The channel selection is lacking in quite a few areas. If you are looking for a diversion for the kids, you have Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD (no Cartoon Network or Nick Kids or anything). Also, I hope you are into sports as Youtube TV offers over 10 sports centric channels (ESPN and various sports branded network channels). Like Paranormal Lockdown or Ghost Adventures? You can’t watch them with Youtube TV as TLC, Destination America and Travel Channel are not included.

Okay, the good stuff or at least the interesting. First, Youtube TV offers digital, online, DVR service. Up to six user accounts, each featuring their own DVR and recommendations with up to three users at one time being able to stream using Youtube TV. Subscribers will also receive access to Youtube Red programming as part of their subscription.

Check out the channel selection and see if you can live within the confines of the selection available. $35 per month is not a lot but the channel selection may be a deal breaker, especially if you look at what Playstation Vue offers for about the same price.

Source: Youtube blogĀ 

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