Google Play Now Labels Games Containing Advertising

There is nothing more annoying than downloading a new game and then having banner advertising or the dreaded “full screen” ad pop up.  Sure, it is accepted with mobile games that if it is free there is something up.  Usually free on mobile means In App Purchases.  Other times free means advertising in the form of banners of pop ups (didn’t we finally eliminate these from the desktop Internet experience?).  Now, Google has rolled out a new requirement for game publishers on Google Play. 

If your game shows ads of any kind it must be noted on the Google Play store page.  Failure to do so will result in your game being removed from store.  This is interesting.  This is also a welcome change.

I welcome it because there are games out there that cost money but then still charge for In App Purchases (which is already addressed by Google).  There are also games that charge a price for it then add banner and pop up advertising to the mix so they can avoid the dreaded “Contains In App Purchases” tag on Google Play.

This latest roll out is nothing new really, other than it just now being applied to all games on Google Play.  This requirement started life back in November 2015 when it was rolled out for apps and games in the “Designed for Families” program.  I definitely agree with this update because Google, or third party advertising networks, base ads on your activity on your phone.  If you are into certain not so “kid friendly” activities on your phone then there is a chance that younger players in your life that play on your device could potentially see “bad” for them advertising.

Some out there, game publishers for instance, may vehemently hate this update.  This update by Google simply helps users make better decisions as far as what games they enjoy.

A work around on advertising is to turn off your Internet connection, if possible, while playing.  Ads won’t load.  This won’t work if you are playing a game that requires Internet access (Family Guy, Game of War, Empire War, Avengers Academy, etc).

Source: Reddit

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