Ghostbusters 2016 Reboot Review

It is no secret that the new Ghostbusters reboot is still causing fans to either be behind it or against it.  Those that are against it are claiming they won’t even watch it so I am not sure why they are even complaining.  At least understand why you hate something.  Anyhow, this reboot is what most reboots are- all over the place except where the original went as much as possible.  Sure, there are females leading this party, which many cite is their biggest problem with the movie, but I think the haters claiming that have another reason they are too afraid to discuss for their hate.

The movie starts out similar to that of the original.  Money troubles, feelings things are not right in the city and other little nods to a bigger problem are all abound.  The race ratio is kept the same too- three white and one black actress represent the Ghostbusters team.  No problem there (though many have stated problems with the job that character Patty Tolan holds.  Big deal.  It brings “realness” and a relation to the everyday person with her character.

The ghosts are updated effectively and special effects are fine but it just doesn’t jell for me.  There is a reason the first worked so well and that was because it was paced correctly.  Things happened at the right moment and comedy bits were bookended with action bits that made sense.  This happens VERY rarely in this Ghostbusters reboot.  That is the biggest problem with it- the pacing.  It is not the cast, at least not in my opinion.

What I was alluding to earlier is that maybe most of the people whining about the fact that this an all-female cast might have been okay if they were all “hot” in general. It is a shame that the movie is being missed by so many for the wrong reasons.  For what it is worth, Ghostbusters 2016 reboot has its moments and is not a total waste of your time.

Carl Williams

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