Fruit Ninja Movie Coming, Seriously

You are not reading that title wrong.  There is apparently a live action movie coming that will be based on Fruit Ninja.  Yeah, the mobile game that is all about swiping fruit as they fly up on the screen, cutting them.  That is the premise of the game.  The premise of the movie is another matter altogether though.

Halfbrick Studios are partnering with a company named Vinson Films to bring the mobile game to the big screen.  At the time of this writing, there have been over one billion downloads of the Fruit Ninja game on various app stores.  The goal of this mobile game to movie conversion is apparently going to be a family friendly live action comedy featuring ninjas.  Yes, ninjas because it is in the name.

The want to port another mobile game to movies has to be fueled by the support that the Angry Birds movie is receiving.  It is one thing to port comics to the big screen as those have something to work off of on-screen.  There is not exactly a lot of gameplay to Fruit Ninja to work off of.

Going with ninjas at least gives a weapon to the actors/actresses that makes sense.  Could this be like Dodgeball where it is a faux competition that they train for and enter, presumably winning?  There was a cross over Ghostbusters in Fruit Ninja, I wonder if there will be any kind of Easter eggs along those lines in the live-action family comedy?

This is one of the wildest ideas for a game to movie conversion I have heard of.  I mean, seriously.  There are no pictures or video available at the moment so we can only wonder what Fruit Ninja will look like in theaters.

Got an even wilder movie conversion?  Let us know!

Carl Williams

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  • Anne

    I feel like this could go REALLY well or really really bad– but I don’t feel like it will be any where in between. Maybe they’ll create a whole set of new characters with a backstory and inspire a new version of the game from the movie! This is one I will definitely be renting from Redbox

    • Carl Williams

      I agree, it will either be really good or really bad. There is no middle ground with this license.

  • Sophia

    I know they make movie out of everything but really.

    • Carl Williams

      There is also apparently movie being made based on Tetris too.

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