Fox Wants to Continue Search for Truth with X-Files

The relaunch of the popular X-Files television show was unique to say the least.  The support for the “10th season” was all over the board after much hype for it throughout late 2015.  As far as Fox is concerned though, there is still interest in continuing the franchise with more episodes.  There may be some problems with getting more episodes to viewers though.

At the moment, the three mainstays for another X-Files season are spread across the globe.  Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are all working on separate projects at the moment.  This is a bummer for fans that were hoping for more seasons to happen sooner than later.

Dana Walden and Gary Newman, Fox TV Group chairmans, are “optimistic” that more episodes of the X-Files television show are doable.  At the moment they are looking at around May 2017 being the time they can safely make announcements on the future of the X-Files television show.

That could mean that we won’t see new episodes of the X-Files till late 2017 or possibly sometime in 2018.  While fans of Marvel and DC Comics movies see 2018 as “just around the corner” it is slightly different for television fans.  A mid-season break could destroy the support a fan has worked hard to earn.

If the release of season 10, which was just six episodes, is anything go by, fans of the X-Files are fine with waiting.  It would be nice if they could work a little harder at capturing the allure of the show from so many years ago.  I am not sure that will be possible though as it was a different time in the late 90’s.  Technology was not what it is today, fans were more limited in scope as far as getting spoilers and of course, television has changed quite a bit.  Is there still a place for a show like the X-Files?

Source: Fox Press conference call

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