Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Suspended for Failing Wellness Policy

Recently there have been a rash of failed wellness policy events in the WWE.  This is getting a little disconcerting as one of these competitors was scheduled to make her in ring debut after the brand split at Summer Slam this weekend.  Right now though, this article is about a two time World Heavyweight Champion who also held the WWE Championship twice has also failed this wellness test.

Alberto Del Rio has been suspended for 30 days, starting on August 18th, for failing the WWE wellness policy.

Alberto Del Rio is known to be in a relationship with Paige, also known as Saraya-Jade Bevis, who was also recently suspended for failing the wellness policy.  This is probably not all that surprising to anyone considering Alberto Del Rio and Saraya-Jade Bevis were in a relationship it is kind of obvious that both would probably fail the wellness policy tests.

Alberto Del Rio has held the WWE Championship and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship two times for each title.  He holds wins in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match (2011) and the Royal Rumble (also in 2011).  Alberto Del Rio bucks the trend of Mexican wrestlers in North American wrestling by not being a Luchadore.  He is more of a muscle wrestler rather than a high flying performer.

Wrestling for many years, Alberto Del Rio has had feuds with many big name stars.  He has feuded with John Cena over the Unite States Championship (a title brought over from the WWE buyout of World Championship Wrestling about 15 years ago).  Alberto Del Rio has also been a member of the League of Nations stable which went absolutely nowhere but helped stall the careers of each of the participants.  The closest he has come to his former heights in 2016 was participating in a Battle Royal for the #1 contender for the United States Championship (he did not win).

Alberto Del Rio is currently a member of the Smackdown Live roster.

Source: WWE Twitter

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