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Launchers are a dime a dozen in Google Play.  For pretty much the length of time I have used the ZTE ZMAX 2 I have used Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher and loved it.  It is a simple launcher that puts your most used apps on the home screen and moves them up the screen (or down if you prefer for easier one hand operation).  While I am probably not going to leave Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher, I can safely say that Fast Launcher is a definite backup for those times my phone freaks out (anyone that has used Android for any length of time understands what I mean). 

As simple as Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher is, Fast Launcher is simpler.  Literally when you first load it up there is nothing but your wallpaper in the background and a bar at the bottom to type in your query.  As you search for stuff and use the apps and games they will begin to populate your home screen making it easier to access the apps you use often, very similar to Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher.Android Fast Launcher

When I first heard about Fast Launcher I was skeptical.  I mean, I love Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher and use it every day.  This last four or five-day period I have been using Fast Launcher more and more.  It grows on you as you use it more.  The simplicity becomes clearly its biggest asset.

There are some In App Purchases to watch for.  Most of the stuff is a onetime fee of a nickel to use.  The prices are certainly low so it is not like most games that have up to $100 IAP.  Still, they are there so if you must have SMS History or call history when making a call you will have to cough up a nickel to have that convenience.

Searching for apps may have you wondering how you will know what you are looking for if you can’t remember its correct name.  No worries, Fast Launcher finds apps and games based on the letters typed so far.  Search for “shooter” on my phone, I am a big scrolling shooter fan, and you get apps that have s, h, o, in them (as I type they appear) and they are not necessarily in that order.  Fast Launcher brings up apps that have those letters even if they are spread out haphazardly in the title.  This launcher also brings up contacts and other information on your phone- some you may have forgotten you had.  I cannot recommend Fast Launcher more, especially if you are against Microsoft product in any way.

Fast Launcher SAU Studios
Genre: Launcher
Platform: Android (ZTE ZMAX 2 used for review)
In App Purchases: Yes (cheap ones)
Rated: Everyone on Google Play
Available now on Google Play

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