Fantasy War Tactics Released Worldwide on Android, Brings another Turn Based Strategy based RPG to Gamers

There are not a lot of turn based strategy role-playing titles available on Android.  I just did a collection of six of them and honestly, now there is seven.  Yeah, less than 10 total titles that can fit the genre requirements of turn based action, upgradeable heroes and maps of some sort that require you to use your noggin to win.  It is sad that this once, fairly, popular genre has been relegated to the same ranks as another classic staple of gaming.  The side/overhead scrolling shooter.  Maybe Android and iOS will be the savior of turn based strategy role-playing games like it has been for the scrolling shooter.  Fantasy War Tactics looks to muscle its way into the anemic genre and looks like it is pushing for the top spot.

Having just been released worldwide to over 150 countries, Fantasy War Tactics has all of the familiar trappings that fans want.  Turn based, map battles that feature characters that will need healing, weapon matching and upgraded as the battles rage on.  Fantasy War Tactics features over 50 characters for you to collect and work with through a large single player campaign.  If you really want, you can even battle other players in the PvP multiplayer.

Additionally, there are over 180 dungeons for your heroes to traverse and raid spread across 12 unique regions.  Let’s just say you won’t be beating this game in one night.  Nexon are apparently well aware of the genre they are entering with Fantasy War Tactics as they have done their homework.  Battles rage across many maps, if you attack from higher ground you will do more damage than if you were facing up the same hill and attacking.  Terrain is key as it should be in any strategy role-playing game.

Fantasy War Tactics by Nexon
Platform: Android
Rated: Everyone
In App Purchases: Yes
Available now on Google Play


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