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Stranger Things is one of those break out shows that most fans did not see coming. How could they? A show set in the 1980’s with a horror/drama theme? On Netflix? Yeah, it came out of nowhere for at least me as I sat down to watch it on Saturday morning when I was bored. I ended up watching all eight episodes in one day and loved the show. Others are not so keen on it for several reasons (those first few episodes are quite slow). Well, for hardcore fans, you can now take a stroll around Joyce Byers house, experiencing a lot of the same things the characters did in the show.

Available now for PlayStation VR, Stranger Things: The VR Experience is more use of technology to give fans a little more interactivity with something they love. This game is more of an experience than anything else, those that are not fans of Stranger Things in the first place are not going to have their opinions turned around, at least not likely.

Fans will enjoy walking around the Byers house, checking stuff out, there are a ton of fairy lights strung about (more than I remember being in the show) and paranormal stuff happens so there is that.

Okay, now for the bad part. Not only do you need a PlayStation VR headset, but you will also need two PlayStation Move motion controllers as well since Stranger Things: The VR Experience is not compatible with the DualShock 4 controller. Bummer. This is obviously due to immersion factor and control where a controller simply would not do the player justice and probably cause tons of confusion as you explore the house.

The only catch is, it seems to only be available for Australian PlayStation fans at the moment. One way around this is to create an Australian PSN account and download the game that way.

My question is, are people tired of Stranger Things yet? We are experiencing a similar “over saturation” as we are with Star Wars as of late, just on a smaller scale. Or are fans eating this up and loving every second of it? I know I would have loved to have something like this for stuff like Friday the 13th, Hellraiser, Madmax, Transformers G1 – imagine getting to walk around key areas of those franchises.

Grab Stranger Things: The VR Experience on the PlayStation Store

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