Earning Bitcoin Playing Games, Yes You Can

Bitcoin is a decentralized “currency” that is taking the technological world by storm.  Basically, it is “precious numbers” similar to precious metals like Gold and Silver.  While it is somewhat difficult to understand, Bitcoin is not as complicated as it comes across as.  The biggest problem people may experience is actually getting any Bitcoin.  With this article I plan on showing you a few LEGAL methods to get a bit of Bitcoin to play around with.  Now, you won’t retire off your earnings here but you will have a bit to see, first hand, how it works and how involving it can become.  Why not earn some Bitcoin while doing something you are already doing?  Playing games!

Let’s lay some ground rules first.  There are no gambling games on this list.  You are not required to put up any money to begin earning.  These games are about testing how good your skills are in viral game clones.  There are gambling sites/apps out there that will let you pay up front and hope to win but those are not on this list.  Also, these are not “faucets” that require you to input your Bitcoin address at regular intervals to receive some Bitcoin.  There are plenty of lists of those already available on the Internet.

All of these have different methods to get paid your Bitcoin.  Please check the requirements with each before spending too much time with them.  After all, you don’t want to waste more time without getting paid do you?

Satoshi_Puzzle_Android_BitcoinThere is no denying that Bejeweled started a craze within the gaming world.  It was the turn of the century Mist, another title that gave non-computer gamers a reason to become one.  Satoshi Puzzle is just like Bejeweled Blitz in that you are working with a time limit.  The difference here is you have a chance to turn your score into some Bitcoin.  There is no set amount of Bitcoin that you will receive so ignore the values at the top of the screen on this one.  Rather, there is a drawing on Sunday for winners- announced on the BDI website.

  • FlapPig, time waster Flappy Bird but paying (Google Play link)

Okay, Flappy Bird is another title that took the world by storm.  The clones were more numerous than anything George Lucas could produce in Star Wars Episode II.  With those clones, eventually one that pays you for your time wasting would show up.  FlapPig is just that game.  Avoid the pillars and fly in between them, sometimes collecting icons.  Hit an obstacle and it is instant death.  Just like Flappy Bird.


Why did Froggy cross the road?  Why to get some Bitcoin of course.  If you are a fan of Crossy Road, or one of the many clones, then you know how to play Bitcoin Froggy.  Cross roads, don’t get hit, avoid enemies and collect items.


Seriously.  You can play Minecraft and get paid in Bitcoin.  Payouts are weekly and there are a few hoops to jump through.  Head over to this forum to find out what the deal is and see if you might be able to turn some of your Minecraft time into cash.


This is a browser game that doesn’t like the Opera browser (I have had success with Chrome though).  Basically, you are digging around and will find rocks worth various amounts of Bitcoin.  This is funny because Bitcoin is created through “mining” (member computers verifing transactions).  There are plenty of upgrades and improvements that you can pay for with your earnings.  These improvements and upgrades allow you to find more Bitcoin and earn more money.  There is no requirement to pay to play in FreeBTCMiner so it is safe for this list and doesn’t break the “gambling” rule.

There you go, five games that you can play (three on Andrdoid and two on PC’s) to earn some Bitcoin.  You won’t get rich (unless the various financial advisors are right) off of these games but they are fun time wasters and you can earn a bit of money to boot.

Know of a cool Bitcoin/alternative currency earning game that I need to include in future articles?  Let me know in the comments or contact me here on Gravis Ludus.

Additional games that pay in Bitcoin:
Bittles (Chu Chu Rocket homage)
Formula 1 Racing Sim

Carl Williams

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  • Carl Williams

    Play an 80’s style side scrolling shooter and earn Bitcoin:


  • BV

    Great suggestions! To add another—grab 100 bits for signing up and 60 bits/hour thereafter at http://bit.do/kong during their Christmas offer. Just click the “Get free bitcoins” button on the bottom of the page.

  • BV

    Awesome suggestions! To add another—grab 100 bits for signing up and 60 bits/hour thereafter at http://bit.do/kong during their Christmas offer. Just click the “Get free bitcoins” button on the bottom of the page.

    • Carl Williams

      I intentionally avoided traditional faucets and casino games that required you to pay up front to earn Bitcoin. Maybe in a future article I will do a faucet article since this article is showing real promise with our readers.

  • Devin Ross

    another game where you can made bitcoins

    • Carl Williams

      Signed up. Checking it out now.

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