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What is it about games like Asteroids and Space Invaders that draws fans to them, even decades later?  I think it is the basic, easy to grasp, gameplay that is timeless.  Sarutobi has simple controls and it is going to pay you for playing to boot.  For people who have read Gravis Ludus for a while now will know this is nothing new as I have covered a few games that pay you to play.  They are not actually bribing you for your time, they are simply free games that run ads in them and share some of that ad money with the player.  Sarutobi may be the most fun of the bunch so far.

The idea behind Sarutobi is simple.  You control a monkey that is swinging on vines through a jungle.  Throughout that jungle is bananas and Bitcoin strewn about.  Think of it as a digital version of the “long jump” from sports.  Swinging around multiple times will give your monkey more momentum which will fling him higher and farther.  The more distance you get the more chance of picking up bananas or Bitcoin.

Sarutobi is adding a few options to the method of earning money while playing.  First, at the end of the month, ad revenue will be converted to Bitcoin and then distributed amongst players.  This is probably going to be based on total playtime per player- play more, earn more at the end of the month. The second way to earn Bitcoin while playing will be through finding the cryptocurrency in the levels.  These in-game pieces will result in instant payouts to the players account as a reward.  This is a nice way to reward players that play a lot.

Players will also be able to buy in-game items in Sarutobi.  Also, there will be interaction between this game and another title by this developer- Spells of Genesis, also coming to Android.

Source: Reddit


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