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Okay, Formula Game is definitely a racing simulation fans dream come true.  If you have ever wanted to adjust the rear wing or your suspension in hopes of eking out a one second better lap time then here you go.  I don’t have a clue what I am doing with adjusting things on my car and I have been able to finish in the top 10 more often than not.  That either means my competition are worse off than me as far as adjustments go or I am just lucky.  Formula Game is interesting from a statistics point of view but nearly devoid of any action.  If you must have your racing games with HD graphics and surround sound, Formula Game may not be for you.  For those that value statistics, lap times etc, your game has arrived and you can even earn money playing it.

First, let’s get one thing straight, this is not gambling.  I will not cover gambling games in this series, only games that pay out based on your skill and do not require any deposits to play.  With that being said, Formula Game is quite a challenge- I have yet to finish in first place but I am working on it.

I have been playing for a good month or so and have most of my stats up to about 20+ points, out of 100.  The current status of Formula Game is “beta” since the team behind it has not officially launched the game.  There are also fewer players right now so your chances of finishing in the top 5 or 10 is easier than it will be later.

You earn Bitcoin for completing tasks set by sponsors.  Sometimes it is finishing in the top 5 or 10, other times it may be finish within one second of the #1 placed racer.  You receive payment twice- once when you sign the sponsor and once when you complete the task.  You also receive 100 coins, in-game currency, each day to add to your earnings from sponsorships which is used to upgrade your car.

There is a high minimum payout but that should be easier to reach once the full game is implemented.

Source: Formula Game

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