Earn Bitcoin Playing Games – The Bittles on Android, iPhone, Windows, Macintosh and Linux

The article I did awhile back about earning Bitcoin while playing games is doing so well. This has shown me that the readers here at Gravis Ludus are interested in this type of thing.  Doing another list is an option but that doesn’t let me go into much detail per entry.  That is why I am going to break these out into regular articles.  The first one in this new series is The Bittles by Meat Games.  The Bittles is available for Android, iPhone, Macintosh, Windows and Linux and is inspired by Sega’s Chu Chu Rocket.

The inspiration that Chu Chu Rocket by Sega had is all in the levels.  Placing arrows in the right place will allow your little Bittle to make it through the level.  Guiding you Bittle to the exit is key but so is getting the Bitcoin that is strewn about the level.  The levels get more complicated as you progress and some are downright devious.  Part of the challenge is due to the angle you are viewing the level from- depth perception is off a bit due to the angles.

What is interesting is, Meat Games is actually paying players Bitcoin to play The Bittles.  Seriously.  Well, it is not exactly them paying you to play as much as it is them sharing the revenue from the ads that run within the game.  When entering a level there is a short video, skippable after four or five seconds.  When you finish a level- either winning or losing, there is another ad that plays which is skippable after five to ten seconds.

Those ads are paid placements for Meat Games.  They are simply offering players of The Bittles a chance to share in that revenue.  Think about it this way- when was the last time you downloaded a free game and it actually earned you money for playing?  Imagine all of the hours you wasted playing Angry Birds and saw ads flash on your screen.  If only Rovio shared the revenue with the players.

The catch is that you will have to be a fan of Chu Chu Rocket and have a device that is connected to the Internet.  The quality of the play experience will also be greatly affected by the power of your device.  As long as Unity games run fine, so will The Bittles since it is a Unity game.

The Bittles by Meat Games
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: Android, iPhone, Windows, Macintosh and Linux
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play and 17 plus on iTunes
Available now on Google Play, the iTunes App Store, Windows, Linux and Macintosh

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