Do You Remember These Times Wrestlers Guest Starred on TV Shows?

We all know about Andre the Giant’s guest spot on The Princess Bride. We all know about Captain Lou Albino basically playing Mario on early Saturday morning cartoons. We all know about the late Randy Savage in Spider-Man and let’s just completely forget Ready to Rumble. No, this list is a handful that most fans probably never knew about, there is even a television pilot on here (though that is as far as the show went).

Let’s kick off things with a commercial starring Stone Cold Steve Austin, the man that arguably set the Monday Night Wars between WCW and WWE on fire and helped propel WWE ahead. Yep, Austin appeared alongside D-Lo Brown in a 1-800 Collect commercial in 1999 (at the height of the war of all time).

Speaking of appearing in out of place shows, we have Big Boss Man on America’s Most Wanted. No, this is not him helping stop a crime or something like in our last item on this list. No, Big Boss Man was there to bring closure to people about something that was bothering fans back then.

Next up we have Double Dare 2000. You may be wondering what a kids activity based show would have to do with wrestling and I would ask you what time did you start watching wrestling and if WCW was ever a part of your viewing pleasures. I cannot find a video of this episode so I have opted to show you a match of one of the guys that on this episode that is billed as a really tough guy. Now, after watching his match, imagine him bouncing around with a giant paint brush on his head as he tries to find a wall with his down.

Big Vito WCW Wrestler Double Dare 2000
That is Big Vito dressed as a baby on Double Dare 2000. Pic courtesy of Game Show Garbage. No wonder WCW had trouble building believable, legitimate tough guys.

Speaking of WCW, I have to go with this easy opportunity to continue down the road of “no clue how to properly use performers”. Also, this is a chance to mention CharmedĀ – a show that starred three good looking women that were witches and fighting demons – it was the 90’s, why not? Anyhow, we got a guest spot in one episode that featured Booker T and Scott Steiner (both former WCW Heavyweight and Tag Team Champions). At least this appearance had the two *beating up women*?@!!?

Finally we have Tag Team starring the late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Jesse “The Body” Ventura as a couple of wrestlers that can no longer wrestle. They are down on their luck and end up taking odd jobs to cover rent and living expenses. After one such odd job they are in a supermarket buying some food and end up stopping an armed robbery. This leads them to decide to become cops and that is how Tag Team starts. Too bad this never got picked up, it was not all that bad of a show, especially when you consider competition of the time which included Blossom, Harry and the Hendersons (television show debut), Roc and Baywatch to name a few.

Carl Williams

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