Do We Need the Mirabook Cell Phone Based Laptop?

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It is nothing new to those of us that peruse the fringe area of technology to see something like the Mirabook. For those that do not know what this is, it is a laptop that is powered literally by your cell phone. Microsoft has been working on something like the Mirabook with their Continuum option for Windows Phone supporters (they are still out there). The question now though is: do we really need this type of option? Does anyone care?

The idea behind the Mirabook, Continuum, and past attempts at this option is to leverage the power of your cell phone. Depending on the power of your cell phone, this could be a good thing. Just look at options like the Galaxy S7 and other newer phones, and you will realize there is a lot of power tucked away in those little hunks of plastic with glass screens. Why not eliminate one of the biggest drawbacks of a cell phone altogether? Depending on who you are, that drawback may be the smaller screen or it might be the troublesome typing on that screen. For me, it is both. Something like Mirabook could solve both problems, if handled right.

The Mirabook features a 13.3″ aluminum finish, full HD screen, speakers, standard keyboard, and internal memory thanks to an SD card. The battery in this little laptop that could is supposedly powerful enough to run the Mirabook for 24 hours while charging your phone to boot. The whole laptop weighs less than two and a half pounds. Not bad. Connections between the Mirabook and your cell phone will be accomplished via HDMI to Type-C USB.

People like me, though, are not the market that Miraxess is aiming for with the Mirabook. I am still using a ZTE ZMAX 2 for my daily phone as it does everything I need and plays the games I want.

Personally, I would not really put a lot of thought into this being an option for my next phone purchase–I have a laptop available for times when I need to write longer than a text message. For some though, this is right up their alley.

Source: Miraxess

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