The Devil is a Part-Timer! Brings Hellfire with Fries

The Devil is a Part-Timer! is a 2013 anime inspired by the light novels from Satoshi Wagahara. The story follows a man called Sadao Maou who was formerly the Devil King Satan in Ente Isla a world very different from our own. Satan vowed to conquer the world. But, Emilia Justina stopped him dead on his track with her angelic powers. Defeat was all, but inevitable for Satan and thinking quickly he opens up a gate to a mysterious world. Bringing with him his most faithful of generals Alciel they plunge into the gate and with this our story begins.

Of course the world Sadao and Alciel land on happens to be none other than ours in modern day Japan. But, things aren’t quite the same since after the gate our “heroes” realize they no longer possess their demonic forms. Utilizing the last bits of magic they had to learn the language and gain residency, Satan now called “Maou” and Alciel “Ashiya” make a new vow to take over Earth, but first they need to gain resources. Maou and Ashiya struggle to find odd jobs here and there in order to manage at first. But, he eventually lands a minimum-wage job at the MgRonalds near the Hatagaya station wherein Sadao becomes a model employee. Trouble soon follows after the Emilia discovers his secret identity and starts to actively harass him in an effort to fulfill her destiny.

This destiny being that Emilia is to kill the Devil King in order to rid the world of his evil. Things never go as planned and it turns out that there are other forces actively trying to kill both Satan and Emilia who is now called “Emi”. As such our protagonist must join forces (against their will) to eliminate those who threaten both their lives. Once that is done both Emi and Maou will be happy to try and kill each other again. This is the basic plot of The Devil is a Part-Timer!, but it doesn’t do any justice for what is a truly well written anime.

The Devil is a Part-Timer! is riddle with great humor, and an excellent balance of fun plus action. The characters are all likeable and reliability such as the strong-willed, but reasonable Kisaki the manager of the titular MgRonalds. Chiyo-chan rounds out the group by being the audience surrogate, a normal human being who is involved in the lives of the main characters. Overall the characters also have a great sense of humor coupled with a fantastic dubbing it is worth watching in English just to hear the jokes.

Which is another important point, every single character has a voice which matches their personality perfectly. The dub team did a great job in choosing which actors played each role and it shows in the anime that they gave it all their effort. The animation looks good, and while I’m certain other shows have better effects they do well in this type of anime. It’s a show which doesn’t take itself super seriously, but knows when to play their stern cards at the appropriate time. But, as with many shows that are transcribed from books, a lot is missing from the light novels.

This is where The Devil is a Part-Timer! suffers the most. You see key details from the books are missing in the animation, and while it could be self-contained within its 14 episodes, the anime doesn’t do justice to the details it’s missing. A lot of key points about Emi’s mom aren’t present and it forgoes a lot of Satan’s back story. Episodes which could have been used for character development are instead turned into beach episodes to show off the girls’ bodies. While it does do well enough to entertain, there might be problems in the future thanks to these details that were left off.

So far there has been no word of a second season for The Devil is a Part-Timer!, yet who knows? The Manga and Light Novel sales appear to be in good standing since their production continues and they are worth the read. It is a series that must been seen to be believed and worth the price of admission (Netflix).

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