Deus Ex GO Launches on Android and iPhone

Square Enix have been working on unique mobile experiences for fans of Hitman and Tomb Raider for a fair bit now.  They have taken those classic franchises and pretty much changed everything fans knew about how to play them and created new experiences.  These games have had the word “GO” added to them long before Pokemon GO arrived.  These “GO” iterations are turn based strategy games that required thought and planning to get through.  Now, Deus Ex is getting the “GO” treatment with Deus Ex Go for Android and iPhone.

Deus Ex GO is like the other titles in this style- you have an overhead view of the action and must pick your moves one after the other.  Much like other strategy games, you make a move then your enemy makes a move around the playfield.  Intercept an enemy and you fight- depending on the situation you may win or lose.

Android Deus Ex GO

There are over 50 levels in the story mode and “Live” content that is a new puzzle each weekday (no word on how long this will last).  Deus Ex GO will feature hacking options to help in your fight along with the ability to unlock Praxis Kits in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (requires Square Enix Members login).  That is cool that you can play this mobile game and unlock some helpful items in the console game.  It is better than nothing right?

There are In App Purchases to watch out for so be careful if you have younger players using your Android device or iPhone to play.  This could be a stickler for some gamers as there is a cost associated with Deus Ex GO (about $4.99).

Deus Ex GO by Square Enix
Genre: Turn Based Strategy
Platform: Android and iPhone
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: 10+ on Google Play and 12+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store

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