Dead Cells Roguelike Castlevania Style Game to Show at PAX East

Dead Cells Metroidvania 2D Action

As we get closer to PAX East this weekend we continue to learn about new titles that will be at the show. One such new title is Dead Cells, a Castlevania style action-platformer making use of pixelized graphics. If I had to pick a generation Dead Cells fit best, I would have to pick Neo Geo pseudo 24-Bit.

2D action adventure fans rejoice. Dead Cells is a throwback to the good old days of gaming. I mean, seriously, look at the video below for proof of what I speak.

Okay, if you don’t know what a “roguelike” is, it is simply a game that changes every time you play. In this case, the level layouts and such will change from one play through to the next. I know, you have heard this before – endless possibilities and the like. That is true, if those endless possibilities are ones you actually want to play. Unlike AD&D Slayer on the 3DO (four billion plus levels), you will probably want to play Dead Cells more than once.

Another sales point of Dead Cells is permadeath. Yes, that good old thing that means when you die, you are dead. There are no checkpoints in Dead Cells so get ready to check out those myriad of additional level layouts that are waiting.

Dead Cells will be on display in playable format in booth #28 at PAX East this weekend. That means you will get to try it out, first hand, and see if it is your cup of tea or not. Interestingly, Motion Twins will be showing off a brand-new region for the first time at PAX East.

If you attend and see Dead Cells, let them know you read about it on Gravis Ludus.

Dead Cells by Motion Twins
Platfom: PC, Mac and Linux (yay, a win for the good guys)
Genre: 2D action, Metroidvania
Available Spring 2017

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