Coffin Dodgers Weaves Kart Racing Onto Xbox One Playstation 4 PC

There was a time when kart racing games were a dime a dozen.  This was around the 32-Bit era when it seemed everyone had to have a kart racer.  Much like the 8-bit and 16-bit days of action platformers, kart racers eventually fell to the wayside.  Coffin Dodgers is looking to bring back this once prominent genre.  What is different about this kart racer is that it is not taking itself seriously at all.  Apparently, you are racing for your soul- quite a dark premise for such a cartoony game.  This life or death, literally, transaction is handled via pimped up powered wheel chairs affectionately called scooters.

If you are still reading this then you are either into cartoony entertainment that has a serious dark edge or you are a kart racing fan.  Either way, Coffin Dodgers has you covered.  For anyone that has played many kart racing games playing Coffin Dodgers will bring back the nostalgic memories.  First, graphically you are going to probably be reminded of Super Mario Kart, Speed Freaks, Crash Team Racing, etc.  The big difference is, Coffin Dodgers brings back something much older, but often forgotten, in this genre.

Hand to hand combat from Road Rash makes a return to this “battle racing” idea.  Sure, this is no Carmageddon, nor is it Road Rash.  Coffin Dodgers pulls pieces from other battle racing games and attempts to put them all into one convenient package.  The Carmageddon influence is evident when you destroy the ride of an opponent- they don’t simply flicker out of existence.  No, the scooter is destroyed and the geriatric racer receives a good asphalt slide for their lack of skills.

Coffin Dodgers Kart Racing Game Trailer: Full Release Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & Steam from Milky Tea Studio on Vimeo.

Fans of the genre will want to at least check out Coffin Dodgers.  The pieces are all there for a quality release.

Coffin Dodgers by Milky Tea Studios
Genre: Kart racing, battle racing
Platform: Xbox One, Playstation 4, Steam
Available now on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Steam

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