Codemasters Release F1 2016 Onto Google Play

F1 2016

Racing games are a dime a dozen on Google Play and the iTunes App Store. Just take a look at the racing category to see, there are a lot of options for fans of the genre. For hardcore racing fans there are really only two options: NASCAR or F1. Now if you are a “left, left, straight, left, left, straight” kind of racing fan by all means, check out the EA offerings as they are pretty good. Now for fans that understand there are other directions in racing games, Codemasters has released F1 2016 onto Google Play. Make sure to have a lot of free space available too. Video after the jump.

F1 2016 comes in at about 2.6 GB. That is quite large but is not all that uncommon for newer Android games. The thing is, these larger games bring more than just flicking small birds at the same old pigs on the other side of the screen. No, in games like F1 2016, there are whole worlds to race around. Signs, stands, fans, other cars and more details that simply take up space. I am fine with that.

Codemasters brings official F1 courses to Android in this release. In total there are 21 courses for you to speed around and do your best to take the number one spot. Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, and Max Verstappen are just a few of the racers that you can take on in F1 2016.

If you are more of a jump in and go kind of racer, F1 2016 offers a pre-made season to race through which features 21 courses. For those that want to get their hands dirty, or craft a nasty or easy season, you can create your own with tracks of your choice.

F1 fans, here you go, time to support companies supporting your favorite sport.

F1 2016 by Codemasters
Genre: Racing
Platform: Android
In App Purchases: No but the entry price is steep
Rated: E for Everyone
Available now on Google Play

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