China Receives Unofficial Pokemon GO

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If you don’t understand how strict China is on gaming then let me fill you in.  They are strict.  So strict that a lot of gaming companies don’t bother to localize their games for this market.  China is also quite lenient on knock-offs and just plain old rip off items so there is a huge black market.  That is why Pokemon GO will probably never officially be released in China.  That has not stopped Chinese programmers from ripping off the game though.

Some of these Pokemon in the Chinese rip-off are quite, um, “unique”.  Take Pikachu for example, one of the most iconic and recognizable Pokemon ever, he is an evil rabbit cross bred with the Chucky doll creature here.  What in the world are those red dots on his cheeks?

Even Charmander is just wrong.  He is all sullen and sad here like he could care less about being in the game and if you catch him or not.  This is weird.


It is not often that I get to write about Chinese rip-offs of popular titles so this is kind of a treat for me.  There is some cool stuff in the Chinese rip-off of Pokemon GO though.  The Pokeball is metallic looking and has been slightly reworked a bit so they at least resemble an original thought (they kept the same color scheme though).  Also, the backgrounds carry that “water color” look to them which is kind of cool too.

Still though, this is a rather creepy rip-off that I almost saved for our Halloween special in October.  It is that bad. The Pokemon are generally horrible rip-offs of the Nintendo bred ones and things obviously not been good for them.  Maybe all of the people out there catching them day and night is final making them crack under the pressure?  That is what these guys look like- broken down, tired and just generally vengeful in many cases creatures that would rather be left alone.

Carl Williams

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