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Character foreshadowing is simply an actor playing a role in one show and then in another show playing another character that is eerily similar but officially unrelated.  The first actor to be featured is Mark Sheppard of Supernatural fame.  On this show about the ethereal world we have enjoyed many seasons of Mark Sheppard playing Fergus Roderick MacLeod, also known as Crowley/The King of Hell.  As the King of Hell, Crowley has shown an acute attention to fire and regeneration of his human vessel as needed throughout the ongoing Supernatural television series.  Mark Sheppard has played this part before though, way back in 1993 when he took on two FBI agents- one of which wanted to believe.

In season one, episode twelve, of Fox’s X-Files television series, Mark Sheppard played Bob the Caretaker/Cecil L’Ively.  In “Fire” Mark Sheppard plays a mild mannered, mischievous, caretaker for a well to do in life family of two young boys.  Bob the caretaker apparently has a unique ability, one he is not interested in using for good- pyrokinetic powers, or the ability to start fires with his mind.  Mark Sheppard began portraying Crowley in 2009.

Mark Sheppard displayed many traits in his role as Bob the Caretaker that he would later reiterate as Crowley on Supernatural.  The most prominent trait that Bob and Crowley share is their invulnerability.  This is stated in the X-Files episode and implied many times over on Supernatural.

Now, let’s discuss a bit of backstory for Crowley and connect these dots.  Bob the Caretaker has the ability to perform pyrokinetic acts.  Crowley has stated that he moved up the ranks from a lowly Crossroads Demon to the King of Hell.  It makes sense that Bob the Caretaker, who is invulnerable, made a deal for his soul (pyrokinetic abilities) and then moved into a worker/servant position with his Crossroads Demon (for proof of this happening please see Supernatural season 11, episode 15 starring Mike Mizanin of WWE).

What actor should we put in the next Character Foreshadowing?  We have a few lined up if this series proves popular enough so share, like and let us know how we did in the comments.

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