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Mirabook Android

Do We Need the Mirabook Cell Phone Based Laptop?

It is nothing new to those of us that peruse the fringe area of technology to see something like the Mirabook. For those that do not know what this is, it is a laptop that is powered literally by your cell phone. Microsoft has been working on something like the Mirabook with their Continuum option […]


Pokescout Expands Information Available in Pokemon GO

Anyone still playing Pokemon GO? If so, you are probably enjoying the new gyms around town thanks to the Sprint deal. There is one inherent problem with the digital monster collecting game though. A problem that Pokescout addresses. This could be a game changer for those still playing. Carl WilliamsIt is time gaming journalism takes […]

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now Review

It is kind of weird reviewing a television service provider but here it is. DirecTV Now just launched and there is a bit of buzz about it, some from confused people. What DirecTV Now offers is just what it sounds like: access to DirecTV without having a satellite dish outside and all of the trouble […]

Clip Layer Microsoft

Clip Layer Improves Copy and Paste on Android

Microsoft is probably not the first name you think of when you think Android. That has not stopped them from working really hard to become synonymous with the platform. For the most part, Microsoft’s offerings have been more business oriented and squarely aimed at the corporate or self-employed professional. How many people in everyday life […]

Rumor – T-Moblile Has Google Pixel Available to Look at but Not Buy

Have you ever visited a store and been told you can look at a product but cannot buy it there? That is precisely what is going on at T-Mobile stores right now. Currently, this is only in regards to the new Google Pixel cell phone. This is rather interesting since the Google Pixel is being […]

Space Hulk: Deathwing Fails to Uphold the Legend

Warhammer 40,000 is a series of tabletop games which feature the eponymous Astartes. They stand at 7ft tall and are engineered on both a biological and psychological level. Clad in their signature power armor, these are some of the most imposing people in the world. Their training is so intense that only a small percentage […]

Earn Bitcoin with These Apps

Earning money on the Internet by doing little is the dream of many and the life of few. While you won’t be buying a new yacht or packing your luggage for that Paris vacation in three weeks using these apps, you can certainly pad your pockets a bit. All of these apps have one thing […]

AsteroidOS smartwatch

AsteroidOS Launches New Smartwatch Launcher

Smartwatches used to be the next big thing for tech fans. These little devices were the darlings of those that felt they were simply too busy to pull a phone out and look at it for an update on a sound. Based on the continued development in this section of the tech world, there seems […]

Cortana Startup Screen

Microsoft’s Cortana Finds New Home

Microsoft has been playing third wheel in the mobile market since before they even tried launching Windows Phone. While I personally loved the Windows Phone 8 interface and operational standpoints, the platform failed horribly. Windows Phone was plagued with the “chicken or the egg” syndrome. Developers and publishers of games and apps did not want […]

Pokemon GO logo

Sprint Lands Major Pokemon GO Deal

Pokemon GO, the social exploration game by Niantic and Nintendo, is still going. Not as strong as it was when it first launched but still, it is going. As the game gets a little long in the tooth for many players, Niantic is more open to making deals to keep it alive and in the […]

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