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PokeDates – Pokemon GO Dating Service Launched Today

Yes, you read that right.  Today we saw the launch of a dating service focused on Pokemon GO.  The PokeDates service looks to bring together gamers that are into the hugely popular social media game.  The question is, are you

Are Pokemon GO, and Other Apps and Games, Spying on You Right Now?

Pokemon GO logo

In today’s world it is nothing new for apps and games to ask for certain permissions upon installing them.  Many ask for you to connect to social media or sign in with an e-mail address.  While these requests may seem

3 Franchises That Need To Rip Off Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a unique success.  It goes against what most gamers would call fun.  First, it requires you to walk around and look at your phone while doing so- something we have been told is common sense to NOT

Was a Pokemon GO Playing Driver Cause of Multi Vehicle Accident?

There are a lot of these “Pokemon GO player causes accident” or “stabbed, robbed, etc” stories going around.  Here at Gravis Ludus we figure it is our duty to tell the true story behind these headlines and let you know

Deadpool Versus Candy Crush Saga

What would happen if Deadpool was faced with an opponent that could control candy like Magneto does metal?  Well, find out in this short film that answers just that.  It even includes an old friend just for kicks. Carl WilliamsIt

Pixar and Disney Inside Out Theory!

Recently, I watched the movie Inside out for the first time. It was a wonderful movie with a very good lesson for young children these days. The lesson being, that all emotions are important in order for life to be

Paypal No Longer Protects Crowdfunding Supporters

For years now we have watched as Kickstarter projects have slipped past their product launch windows.  This sucks because people give cold hard cash to make these things happen.  For a while though, that pain was alleviated slightly thanks to

5 Bitcoin Debit Cards Available Right Now that You Don’t Know About

Bitcoin is slowly gaining acceptance by more people.  Whether is because of the perceived value or the fact that some people like to play on the cutting edge is not known.  One thing that I believe has held the cryptocurrency

Rock Your Mornings with the Rock Clock

Okay, I am probably like a lot of people reading this- I set a couple of alarms to wake me up.  I usually set them 15 to 20 minutes apart, just in case snooze doesn’t do its job.  You may

Las Vegas Receives New Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin is not all that new anymore, it has been around for about eight years.  What is new is how people are able to interact with Bitcoin.  More and more retailers are accepting this cryptocurrency as more and more people

Walmart Pay is Coming, Yet Another “Pay” Option for Mobile Users

We have Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay and even Bitcoin options, soon we can count Walmart Pay with them.  These are all apps that are supposed to make your purchases easier at retail locations.  I guess it would work,

Subscription Boxes, Enough is Enough Already

Who reading this has a subscription to a “crate” or a “box” or whatever.  These are sets of stuff that is sent out at regular intervals, usually every month, and you have a vague idea as to what is inside. 

Steam To Accept Bitcoin via Third Party Processor

The news that Steam is going to start accepting Bitcoin is rather interesting.  Valve is not going to ever hold any Bitcoin themselves, rather they are going to begin working with a third-party payment processor to accept Bitcoin payments for

Amazon Aims to Destroy Your Reason for Not Using Prime, Netflix on Notice

There has always been one, rather, large obstacle with Amazon’s Prime service.  An obstacle that has reared its ugly head whenever I had went to sign up for Amazon Prime.  The price.  No, it was not that I felt it

Flappy Bird Now Runs on E-Cigarette

Flappy Bird, that annoying to many, phenomenon to others, game has gotten around the electronics world.  Usually limited to video game consoles and mobile devices, Flappy Bird has finally broken free of that digital cage.  Someone has ported the infuriating

Australia Bitcoin Service Now in 4000+ Stores

While those of us in the United States are limited in how and where we purchase Bitcoin (let alone spend it), an Australian Bitcoin agency has reached into 4,000+ stores.  This is great news for our friends down under that