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Sully Opens with A Strong Start

I remember working on my computer on January 15, 2009. The news came over the radio that someone had landed a plane in the Hudson. At first, I thought a small one had crashed. Then I learned it was a jumbo jet, US Airways

How Hollywood Could Liven Up 4 Tired Genres

If you’re a film fan, you know the popular narrative: Hollywood is out of ideas, and that’s why in the past few years we’ve been treated to an endless slog of sequels, adaptations, and unnecessary reboots (like freaking Police Academy).

Shin Godzilla AKA Godzilla Resurgence Enters United States Theaters

Shin Godzilla Resurgence

Giant monster flicks used to be huge, no pun intended, but for some reason fell off the map for new movies.  Sure, the more recent Godzilla movie was not received all that well by North America movie fans, which for

House on Pine Street Reminds Viewers Showers are Scary

Okay, ever since Psycho, starring Anthony Perkins, movie goers have been reminded just how scary showers can be.  Now imagine that you are a seven month pregnant woman returning to a hometown that you never really wanted to visit.  Couple

People Garden Explores Aokigahara Forest

What is it with horror movies set in forests lately?  We have the Blair Witch reboot coming and now we have The People Garden.  This one is not a rip off of The Blair Witch, no this one is based

New Blair Witch Video or Something Else?

Okay, apparently there was this film crew that went into the woods where the Blair Witch Project was based- Black Hills forest in Maryland in 2014.  Their goal was to document the missing persons whose story was featured in the

31 by Rob Zombie Receives New Trailer

Ah, the carnival.  A place of fun and games and rides.  At least that is what you are supposed to see.  The people running the carnival are usually looked down upon for various reasons.  Not sure why that is though. 

Second New Blair Witch Trailer Released

Having grown up in a wooded secluded area of central Arkansas gave me an inherent respect for the woods.  That is why when I first watched The Blair Witch movie I was probably a little more emotionally invested than most

Resident Evil The Final Chapter Why You Should Watch It

Resident Evil Final Chapter

It’s almost here, people! Yep, this is a fanboy rant. I’ve been a fanboy since Milla Jovovich was first released upon the cinematic world in leather and latex in the first Resident Evil movie. Resident Evil started out as a

The Liberator: A Venezuelan Film Review

“Simon Bolivar fought over 100 battles against the Spanish Empire in South America. He rode over 70,000 miles on horseback. His military campaigns covered twice the territory of Alexander the Great. His army never conquered – it liberated.” -The Liberator,

Guardians Answers Avengers Challenge from Russia

When you think action film with special effects out the wazoo and interesting characters, do you think of Russia?  You may after you see the updated trailer for Guardians, a movie that many are calling Russia’s answer to the Avengers

Kidnap is the Feminist Version of Taken

The trailer has just been released for the movie Kidnap starring Halle Berry. The premise is simple, Karla McCoy (Berry) has a son Frankie who was kidnapped by a stranger during a park visit. How far will Karla go to

Spadoni Productions Release Lupin the Third vs Hitman Contracts Youtube Short Film

If you have been with us here on Gravis Ludus and Retro Gaming Magazine for very long then you know Spadoni Productions.  They have done some really good short films based on various intellectual properties over the years.  Their most

Batman Return of the Caped Crusaders Cartoon Brings Back Classic Bat-Stars

In the 1960’s we had this really cool television show that was campy as all get out.  It is viewed upon badly by a lot of people that watch it now but for the most part, it is accepted as

Will Ferrell with John C Reilly to Interpret Holmes an Watson

While Step Brothers was one of those films that a lot of people enjoyed, there are a few naysayers amongst the movie goers.  The comedy team of John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell is coming back and this time they

Lady Gaga Starring in A Star is Born Remake

Beginning production early next year the third remake of A Star is Born will star Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.  Lady Gaga was recently cast as the leading lady in this remake that will feature the directorial debut of Cooper.