Brock Lesnar Versus Shane McMahon Not So Fast Steps Must Be Taken

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This last week on WWE’s Smackdown Live we saw Shane McMahon understandably huffed over his interaction with Brock Lesnar at Summer Slam.  If you would like to find out for yourself what happened at Summer Slam you can get the WWE Network for about $10 a month.  I won’t spoil it for you.  Just suffice it was not a handshake between the Smackdown Live Commissioner and “The Beast” Brock Lesnar.  This setup a future altercation of some kind between the two but no one knows what will come of this storyline.  Now we hear that there are rumors that WWE are going in a slightly different direction with this storyline, as expected there are steps that must be taken.  It is WWE after all.

There are rumors making the rounds that WWE are not keen on having Shane McMahon versus Brock Lesnar so quickly.  Instead it seems that Shane will be able to pick an opponent for “The Beast” and depending on the outcome of that fight, then we see Brock versus McMahon- possibly at Wrestlemania this year.  The question is, who could Shane McMahon pick for this match that would be newsworthy?

At Summer Slam fans were audibly heard calling out Goldberg chants.  Prior to Summer Slam Goldberg was dropping hints and such in interviews that Brock Lesnar knows where he lives in regards to them meeting again for a fight.  With Goldberg joining the ranks of the WWE 2k17 roster it is fueling rumors that he could be close to signing at least a limited appearance contract with WWE.  These contracts are nothing new as Brock Lesnar has one with the company now and has exercised the benefits of such contracts in the past.  It would not be farfetched for Goldberg to be the opponent that Shane McMahon names.  Likely?  Who knows at this point but drawing lines between the tidbits we have gotten so far points to Goldberg being the opponent.  There is no one else right now that could help build this match and storyline into something as big as WWE are hoping it to be.

What are your thoughts on who the opponent could be?

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