Breakneck Brings Futuristic Styled Racing to Android

Classic gaming fans will probably remember the Wipeout series of racing games quite well.  Some of the releases in that series were better received by gamers than others.  Breakneck by PikPok will surely remind classic gamers of Wipeout while lassoing in newer fans.  Racing vehicles that are not your traditional cars is a norm for gaming- giving gamers a chance to do something they couldn’t do in real life.  Breakneck looks to stand on its own, now on Android.

Judging by the gameplay video that PikPok have made available, Breakneck is FAST.  While Wipeout was more focused and direct, Breakneck is much more open in the tracks.  From racing through canyons to futuristic cityscapes, Breakneck is going to probably earn its name as you are whipping around barely missing obstacles.

You see, apparently the world has been invaded.  Those invaders are hunting you for some reason.  You have to travel around the planet and get as far as you can in each area- improving as you learn the area.  All of this takes place in a 3D environment that can be quite impressive looking considering what is going on.

– Thrilling action gameplay as you speed through a hostile world, building distance and collecting supplies
– Daily and weekly missions to test your abilities
– Play and collect new kits to customize your speeder!
– Awesome 3D graphics and environments depicting a ravaged post invasion landscape
– Environment resets daily so there are always new paths and challenges to master
– Weekly tournaments and leaderboards so you can compete against other survivors
– Boosts and unlockable ship upgrades to help you tackle ever-evolving challenges
– Phantom ships of last and best daily runs so you can race to beat your best score
– All new original soundtrack by musical artist Kadington

PikPok are keeping Breakneck interesting by resetting the game worlds every day.  This simple action will elevate Breakneck above the other running games on mobile.

Breakneck by PikPok
Platform: Android
Genre: Racing/Endless running
Rated: E for Everyone
In App Purchases: Yes
Available now on Google Play

Carl Williams

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