Best Remakes and Remasters of Past Games

Doom 2017 Windows

It is seemingly standard practice on modern platforms for companies to tap into their back catalog of games with remasters and remakes. This is a wonderful time to be a fan of some properties that are receiving these updates. Comparing the original to the remaster or remake can often be a night and day experience. I have collected a few of the best gaming updates that I could find – some make the originals just look sad in comparison.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is a collection of some of the most iconic 32-Bit games we saw on the original Playstation console. The original games were created at just the right time, marketed exquisitely by Sony, and gave gamers reason to support the Playstation console in droves. Crash went onto star in other games for the PSOne, namely a kart racer (awesome) and a Mario Party like game (not so awesome). Jonathan Dornbush of says it quite well, “…Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy delivers exactly what I wanted… the demanding, and sometimes punishing challenge of the originals coated in a polished, modern sheen…” Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy was released on the Playstation 4 platform earlier this year.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

An update list would not be complete without mentioning the first-person shooter that brought PC gaming to the forefront in the 1990’s. Doom by id Software. While this one may be tough to call a remake or remaster since id Software didn’t exactly have much of a story to tie the first game together, the newest edition is more of the basic appealing aspect for Doom – run and gun, blood and guts, destruction and death. Want in on this? Grab your copy on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Doom 2017 Windows

A remaster list would not be complete without mentioning Super Mario. On the Super Nintendo, we saw Nintendo do a complete and utter unique update to the original NES games (Super Mario 1 through 3 plus the Japan only Super Mario 2). This was unique in Nintendo’s history, and since then even, as they have not attempted such a massive remaster of any of their games since. Fans were given at least four games on one cart (another thing Nintendo seemed against for the most part) with one of those games never having been officially released in North America (like how Star Fox 2 will be included with the Super Nintendo Classic Mini). Nintendo has kept this remastered collection alive on various Virtual Consoles since the Wii.

Star Fox 2 SNES

While these games were blockbusters that sold quite well and have a long line of fans, there are still games that have not been, but will likely be remade or remastered within the next 5 years. Here are just a few of them that come to mind. Feel free to list your choices in the comments.

Crash Team Racing was one of the best kart racing games released that did not feature a plump plumber and his friends. Considering the success of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, it is only a matter of time before we see a remaster of Crash Team Racing. Imagine it, HD graphics, four (or more) player multiplayer online contests with Playstation Trophies and the like. Gamespot gave the original release an 8.4 out of ten – not too shabby.

Crash Team Racing

Next up I want to see an HD remaster for the 2D Batman game on the Nintendo Entertainment System (not the Sega Genesis version). Sure, Batman is having a fair bit of success thanks to Telltale Games, I think there could be a great market for a 2.5D side scrolling action game with Metroid style levels that you can search rooms and such through doors (or even experience new levels on the “other” side). Mix in some Impossible Mission style investigating of items and you may have a hit on your hands.

Batman NES

Finally, I would love to see a remaster for Blaster Master, sure we got a remake of sorts of the original game on Nintendo Switch/3DS recently, it is not a remaster. It is done in the style of the original (pixel graphics for instance). I want to see the license used with a modern graphics pushing engine, modern graphics and even some online play (could you imagine getting points for teaming up with fellow adventurers to take on bosses, or tough areas?). The downloadable characters in the latest version are a nice touch that could be utilized in a modern remaster.

Blaster Master NES

Let me hear your choices of games that need a remaster or remake in the comments.

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