Become a 911 Operator in Hero Unit Available Now for Android

Hero Unit 911 Operator

Okay, in the world of text adventure games, gamers have traveled the universe, fought for the ecosystem, and saved the world from many atrocities. One area that has not been explored in text adventures is that of taking on the role of a 911 operator. With Hero Unit, we can finally cross that profession off the short list of remaining opportunities. Take calls, help people, and hopefully save their lives.

Text adventures have “evolved” a bit on mobile platforms such as Android and iPhone. No longer do we have to fumble for the correct phrase or word in the right situation. A text parser of sorts is now implemented thanks to the limitations of touch screens. Now instead of typing out shortcode (N for North for example), we are able to pick the option we want based on what is available at the bottom of the screen. For those new to this genre, you are presented with a selection of text, sometimes a few screens worth, then options based on what you just read. Pick an option and continue–or possibly end–the story.

True to the genre, Hero Unit features multiple endings, many options and, depending on how engrossed you get, some emotional connection with the characters. What is unique about Hero Unit is that as you play and complete scenarios, you can revisit them via news articles and clippings, which show how your actions affected the people you were talking to. That can bring a huge emotional connection with the virtual world that you are interacting with.

– No ads & IAP
– Different callers and scenarios.
– Multiple endings for each call.
– Different paths and outcomes.
– News articles related to each outcome.
– Additional calls coming soon.

Hero Unit is definitely a unique experience. I will have a review up soon.

Hero Unit by Jassim Albuarki
Platform: Android
Genre: Text Adventure
In App Purchases:
Rated: Mature 17+
Available now on Google Play

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