Bandit Gaming: Legend of Zelda Ported to Atari 7800

The Legend of Zelda, a franchise that solidified Nintendo as THE gaming platform in gamers minds in the late 80’s is now coming to the Atari 7800. For those that do not remember, or are too young to have lived it, the Atari 7800 was the only competition to the Nintendo NES that Atari could muster and it was too little too late in the eyes of gamers at the time (didn’t help that the Atari 7800 was delayed for several years before it was released). Now, thanks to indie developer Steve Engelhardt, The Legend of Zelda will be making the leap across platforms. This is not the first time a Zelda game has come out on non-Nintendo hardware, though this is not a licensed port either.

Right now, the Atari 7800 port of The Legend of Zelda is being called “Adventure” but it carries a severe likeness to Nintendo’s homegrown title down to sprites, enemies and levels. Atari tried to prove the Atari 2600 could do complex gaming like Zelda with a game called Secret Quest but it was just too little, too late and it looked nothing like what gamers were interested in at the time. That and it was on the wrong system- Atari should have been pushing the 7800 with a much better version of Secret Quest at the time, not the 2600. Nintendo had Zelda and it was light years ahead of anything Atari was producing.

The choppiness in the video is due to low frame rate in the recording software, the actual game runs fine though has no collision detection and is a tech demo at this point.  No word on when an official, full, release will be made available.

Steve Engelhardt is not new to the Atari hardware, he is credited with creating other games in the sports genre for both the Atari 2600 and 7800. This is his first adventure title as far as we know.

Right now, “Adventure”, aka The Legend of Zelda 7800, is in its early stages of development. There are 255 different screens in “Adventure” where there are currently 15 different screens available. More are being added as development continues.

Source: Retro Game Network

6 Responses to Bandit Gaming: Legend of Zelda Ported to Atari 7800

    • Carl Williams says:

      It is funny that indie developers are able to get more out of the Atari 7800 than Atari could back in the day.

      I am working on getting an interview with this dev considering this article is getting a lot of attention from around the web.

      Remember, let us know what you want to see! Either in comments or with that handy contact link at the top of the page.

    • Atarius Maximus says:

      I’m the developer. I’m not looking to replicate Zelda. I’m using the same graphics, but I’m not looking to clone the game. If you’re curious about development you can read about it and post on the AtariAge forum here:

      • Carl Williams says:

        Thanks for commenting, Atarius. It is always great to hear directly from developers on their projects. Also, thanks for clarifying the direction you are going with your development- there has been a lot of misconception about that around the Internet when discussing your project.

  1. Atarius Maximus says:

    No problem. I was somewhat surprised at the overwhelming response to the simple demo I posted. Please understand that I have no legal right to make a clone and Nintendo would certainly not allow any attempt to do so. It is absolutely possible to make a homebrew Zelda clone on the 7800. It won’t happen because Nintendo owns the intellectual property and they would absolutely be within their rights to block any attempt to clone it, even on a retro console.

  2. fabian garcia says:

    hola soy de mexico

    está en venta tu juego? quiero una copia para jugarlo en atari 7800

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