Bad WWE Decisions Series #1 – Breaking Up Enzo and Big Cass

Enzo and Big Cass WWE

Recently the WWE broke up one of the more entertaining tag teams they had on the roster – Enzo Amore and Big Cass. Now, for me, this is quite unfortunate as I was a huge fan of this duo – for quite a while they were the only shining moment for me on Monday Night Raw (outside of Sasha Banks who was growing stale wrestling Charlotte Flair repeatedly). WWE decided it was time to break this duo up, according to Big Cass in his “coming out” comments they had been together for over seven years – from Florida Championship Wrestling which became NXT on up to the WWE main roster on Monday Night Raw. I remember catching a few of their matches in NXT when they were teamed up with Carmella (who is also on the main roster but on Smackdown Live).

How we got here
For a few weeks, maybe just over a month, we saw either Enzo or Big Cass “just after” someone attacked them and laid them out backstage. This brought another NXT tag team up from NXT who were accused along with Big Show as the perpetrators of these attacks. Corey Graves, one of the color commentary members on Monday Night Raw, revealed that it was in fact Big Cass that was behind the attacks and he had video footage to prove it. At least prove that Big Cass was not attacked the previous week or so, rather Big Cass faked the attack.

This led to Enzo not believing Graves and imploring Big Cass to say it was not true. Big Cass said it was true and began to run down Enzo (who shed a tear at hearing the hateful things his former partner was saying). Big Cass ended this segment by kicking Enzo with a big boot (a set up move that Hulk Hogan used in his matches).

They had a few matches and whatnot where Enzo came up short each time, even after enlisting the help of Big Show. Now Big Show and Big Cass are going to wrestle at Summer Slam while Enzo is in a shark cage hung above the ring. Why are wrestling companies so infatuated with a shark cage?

My problem with breaking the team up
First of all, there is no way that Enzo can realistically win any match against Big Cass. Not without help of some kind. Even with the help of Big Show, Enzo is often coming up short (no pun intended).

Second, the tag team were WAY over with fans. Moreso than some of the classic teams that we constantly hear referenced on WWE television to try and leverage some of their fanfare to a new tag team the Connecticut based company is pushing. They didn’t have to do that with Enzo and Big Cass, the fans were in love with this tag team and the only thing left to do was give them a title run.

Did we get that? Nope. This tag team has never held WWE gold. They may have in NXT, I only caught a few of their matches there and none were them holding gold or fighting for it. Also, no one references them as former NXT tag team champs so I figure they never got it there either.

We are entering an era of sports entertainment where the belts almost don’t matter. Look at wrestlers like Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Enzo, Bray Wyat, etc. They all currently do not have gold around their waste but they are over with the fans more than the current champions are in many cases.

WWE could have had a major marketing gimmick with these two. They blew it and now it really sucks. They were over with fans better than every other team except maybe the Hardy’s at their return this year at Wrestlemania.

What does the future hold for either member? Big Cass is already being pushed as a major force, even though he is not (his mic skills are worse than Roman Reigns and his in ring work is not fluid at all). Enzo is being played up as a joke but still, fans are behind him 10000000% and that is what matters, or should anyhow.

Carl Williams

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