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Raise Your Own Queen of Hell in Princess Maker 2

Conflicts, studies, and dealing with stress are some of the staples of teenage youth. Adventuring, arranged marriages, fighting batmen, kidnappers, and even gods is not. However, if you’ve ever played Princess Maker 2, you’d be forgiven for the confusion. You

Live out an Orwellian Nightmare in Beholder

Fear, paranoia, mistrust, and a severe lack of privacy in the bathroom! These are all realities faced when you’re presented with an Orwellian nightmare. A world where privacy is a myth and the ever impending threat of death is a

Space Hulk: Deathwing Short Review!

A terrifyingly haunting environment and a boat load of aliens is what you can expect from Space Hulk: Deathwing. Though often in Space Hulk, you’ll find yourself wondering what everyone in the game is talking about. This game is definitely

Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword Review

Blast the face off your enemies with a musket that’s about as accurate as a blind man firing from 200m! This is what With Fire & Sword brought to the table when Mount & Blade got its current expansion out.

The Dwarves Fall Short in Combat (Review)

We recently discussed the release of The Dwarves here on Gravis Ludus with much anticipation and excitement. The game was based on the first book of the aptly named series. However, in spite of our hopes for the game, the

Space Hulk: Deathwing Fails to Uphold the Legend

Warhammer 40,000 is a series of tabletop games which feature the eponymous Astartes. They stand at 7ft tall and are engineered on both a biological and psychological level. Clad in their signature power armor, these are some of the most

Survive a Horde of Cannibalistic Horrors in The Forest

The Forest was created by Endnight Games with a team of four people. It was released in Alpha state through the Steam Early Access Program and instantly became a hit among players. This was in due part thanks to YouTubers

Farming Simulator 17 First Impressions Review

A few weeks ago, we covered the resounding success of Farming Simulator 17. The game sold one million copies in a very small time frame and is the most successful iteration in the series thus far. I recently acquired a

The Dwarves Arrived Looking to Kick Butt!

The Dwarves are a series of books written by German writer Markus Heitz. They were published in 2003 and ran until 2012 when The Fate of the Dwarves was released as the fourth and final installment of the series. These

Farming Simulator 17 Reminds us of the Joys from Farming!

Praised for it’s realistic representation of farming and variety in gameplay, Farming Simulator 17 is the latest game from Giants Software. Farming Simulator has been a staple in the farm simulation community alongside games such as Harvest Moon and currently

Darksiders Warmastered Edition a Graphical Powerhouse

Darksiders was released six years ago across a multitude of platforms. Praised for its fun combat mechanics and solid voice acting, Darksiders was a hit amongst gamers and critics alike. Success would soon be followed by a sequel in the

Kidnap is the Feminist Version of Taken

The trailer has just been released for the movie Kidnap starring Halle Berry. The premise is simple, Karla McCoy (Berry) has a son Frankie who was kidnapped by a stranger during a park visit. How far will Karla go to

Dragon Quest VIII Still Suffers from Frame Rate 2 Years after Re-release!

Dragon Quest VIII was released 10 years ago on the PlayStation 2 console to thundering reviews. DQ8 was the epic tale of an unnamed guard trying to restore the king and princess from his castle after they were transformed into

When There Really is No Time to Explain

Released in 2011 and Tom Brien and Alex Nichiporchik, No Time to Explain tells the tale of a dancing guy whose visited by his future selves. But, unfortunately his future self is captured by a giant enemy crab. Thinking quickly

Ash Ketchum is the Ultimate Failure Hero!

Pokémon XYZ has finally come to an end. Once again Ash has failed to win, yet another Pokémon League tournament. Fans everywhere were disappointed to know that in-spite of all the character development Ash still can’t win an official tournament.

Companies are Taking Advantage of Gamers!

I recently saw a web comic which illustrated how every bad practice in gaming was born. This brought to my attention how certain companies these days are literally holding gamers at ransom. How they do this varies from company to company,